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CEO Courier offers a variety of professional delivery services guaranteed to suit the needs of any customer. After over 25 years experience serving the tri-state and beyond, there's nothing our skilled team of delivery agents can't handle. We have built our trusted reputation by specializing in the time-critical delivery of documents and valuables.

Our services extend to include inter-office routes, legal filings, mail delivery, large scale shipments, moving office equipment,  and more. Simply put, we deliver.

Personal Messenger

Point A to point B - A.S.A.P! 

Whether a one time order or as part of a scheduled routine. Our courteous and professional delivery agents will ensure your shipment arrives at its destination safely, on time, and in style.

Medical Deliveries

Since 1985 our Medi-Courier service has performed specimen collection for area hospitals and laboratories and supplied fleet management solutions for area medical facilities.

We specialize in 
confidential pick-up and delivery of prescriptions and other medical necessities.

Same day nationwide. CEO Courier - where local expertise  reach.

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